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Saturday, December 30, 2017

App Review : Make Money - Cash Apps

Now a days developing an android app is a breeze, thanks to Android Studio and flexible android APIs. Once you have the app developed and available in Google Play Store, then comes the tricky part of promoting the app to get the required visibility for the app. Without appropriate promotion of your app, it is almost impossible to get a good rate of download and ratings for the app. And as we all know, without good number of downloads and ratings, your app will not be anywhere near the top of the play store's search windows when any one organically searches for a topic related to your app. With this necessity to have lots of initial downloads and ratings comes the echo system of companies that promise to help your app get to required number of installs/ratings at a price. Most of these companies (except very few established ones) will either try to cheat you or will just provide incest installs which just helps in increased download counts for your app in play store but they do not really help in increasing the rank of your app in Play Store due to quick uninstall of the same too. Below I have reviewed one such app 'Make Money-Cash Apps' which promises to provide guaranteed installs for your app. Read on to know in detail review of the app and see how good is it on its promises.

To start with, I have an android app 'All In One - Latest News' published on Google Play Store. I went through various blogs/posts/Quora Answers/YouTube Videos etc to find out how I can promote my app and get as many downloads possible in first few days. In a YouTube video, I chanced upon the app called 'Make Money - Cash Apps' and installed it to try it out. The result of the usage is mixed and below are the detail of my experience with this app so far:

  1. The app 'Make Money - Cash Apps' is pretty light and very simple one. Many of the similar apps in these category have the exact same layout, menus and feature. The app has a 4.5* rating from nearly 21K ratings (by the time this blog is posted) and more than 1 million+ downloads. So, from play store look, it seems to be a legit app with good overall rating. So, I downloaded it without much further thought :)
  2. How to Use: With initial login (you can login with any fake email id. The app does not really validate it), the app provides you with 2$ bonus credit to promote your android app through their application. Someone has already posted a you tube video which shows how to use the app for your own app's promotion, so I would not be going into detail of how to use it here. The app / video promises that you can get hundreds of installs for your app with couple of dollars but that does not seem to be the truth currently. So, I will focus on what actually the app does and does not do today.
  3. Packages of promo installs: You don't need to install any SDK or add any code to your app for promoting through this app. You have to spend money to promote your app and for that you can either buy credits of this app from play store (around 450 INR /150 downloads and gets cheaper with packages of 1500 and 3000 downloads) or you can keep sponsored apps from the inside of this app itself. Each installation of the Sponsored app gives you a 0.2$ of credit to your account. You can keep installing as many apps as you want till there is no more sponsored app at a given time. Keep checking in periodic interval to see if new sponsored app appear in this app.
  4. Cost per Install: Though the you tube video promises hundreds of install for your own promoted app in few dollars but in my experience that is no longer valid. Each installation of your promoted app by someone else deducts 0.2$ from your account. So, in practice you can actually get 10 installation of your app with the initial 2$ bonus credit and then 1 install per 0.2$ you earn through sponsored app installation.
  5. Uninstalls are guarded: This app also tries to take care of uninstalls. It deducts 0.1$ from your credit when you uninstall a Sponsored app for which you have earned 0.2$ credit. I have tried testing it by uninstalling one of the Sponsored app and it actually deducted 0.1$ from my credit. If you don't have enough credit to deduct for an uninstall, the app keeps a track of it and deducts the credit from your next earning. So, this seems kind of helpful for developers to promote their app as it has a safeguard against an incest install and uninstall for at least a week or so.
  6. Careful about the permissions: While using this app to install Sponsored app from Play Store, be careful about the permissions requested by the apps that you are trying to install. Most of the apps does not need any extra permission other than 'In App Purchases' but there are apps which need access to your phone calls/sms/videos/pictures etc. So, make sure you understand the permission requested by each app and decide accordingly whether to download it or not based on how sensitive the permission requested is. You can always by pass the app and go to the next app to earn further.
  7. Internet Usage Quota: Careful about the internet usage while using this app. Most of the sponsored app in it are games and hence have high installation size. The average size of installations are around 30 MB with heavier apps going to as far as 90MB+ download size. So, it is better to use Wi-Fi/ unmetered network while downloading the sponsored apps.
  8. Large memory footprint: As you will be installing as many app as you can to get maximum credit from it and average size of the sponsored apps are around 30MB, you should be careful about your memory in your device. It can soon run into occupying multiple gbs of your phone memory. (I have a HTC U11 with 128GB internal memory and 2TB external memory. So… space is not an issue for me 😎)
  9. Stop/Delete your own app not possible: Once you have your own app uploaded to this app for promotion, you cannot stop/pause the promotion or delete your app from this app. It will keep allowing other users to install your app till you have credits available. I have not found a way to delete my own promoted app from the application yet.
  10. Time the promotion to your targeted audience: Try running your app promotion and earning credits to use for the promotion during your target audiences appropriate time zone for maximum reach to target audience. Everyone using the app will install your app as a sponsored app as they want to get the 0.2$ credit out of it but then will also uninstall it soon after the mandatory preview period is over, as they are not the targeted audience for your app. Hence, better to run the promotion for your app during the day time of your targeted audience to have a better chance of retention, post mandatory preview period. Another downside of reaching out to non-targeted audience is that they can give you bad ratings in the Play store for no apparent reason. I have got my first and only 1* rating so far from a guy who left no valid feedback. When you get such bad rating with no valid reason or comment for it, then all you can do is request for a constructive feedback which can improve your app and leave it at it. No benefit to be gained by putting rude response to the bad rating. After all we are sensible android developers 😜.
  11. Second Device: You can always use your other devices to download the 'Make Money-Cash Apps' and promote your own app through it. It will give 2$ credit for each new device it gets installed in as it does not track your email id or any credentials. Just make sure you are not promoting same app in 2 different devices as it will not allow to add the app to the promotion list. You can use this method of multiple device, if you have multiple app to promote. Each new device gives you 2$ credit and all the Sponsored app show up again in new device even if it was installed in your other devices. I am collecting credit in my second device. Once I am done with my first device, I will uninstall the app from their and will promote my 'All In One - Latest News' app from the second device.
  1. Do not fall for Order Payment: Finally, if you are using the app just for earning money and not for promoting any of your app, then be cautious. Such apps almost never (never to use 'never' 🌝 ) pay the users anything. They will keep the terms and conditions in such a way that your will not reach the minimum threshold of asking for a payment. You will just spend hours of your valuable time downloading the apps, spending your internet quota, clogging up your device for no outcome. I am just staying away from this aspect of the app.

In summary, you can use this installer app for promoting your own android app across the world without having to spend any real money. Make sure you understand the pitfalls clearly and workaround it or stay away from it. Hope these details come handy in deciding whether to use the app or not and wish you all the best for a successful promotion of your app(s). πŸ‘ 

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

How to migrate Wiki pages/libraries from one SharePoint to another SharePoint version or across site collections.

How to migrate Wiki pages/libraries from one SharePoint to another SharePoint version or across site collections.

There are many articles about migrating lists and documents between sharepoint collection but very few article on migrating wiki pages between different site collection / sharepoint versions. Hope this helps fill the gap.

NOTE: You need to be one of the ADMIN of the site collection that needs to be migrated to and from, to be able to migrate the wiki pages.
NOTE: This document takes base as Old site is in SharePoint 2010 and the New Site collection is in SharePoint 2013.

1. Check that you have sharepoint designed installed in your system. If not yet… install it from Microsoft site based on whichever version you want.
Ex: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=16573
2. Once the sharepoint designer is installed, open it from start/All Programs

3. In the opened sharepoint designer select Sites > 'Open Site' option

4. From the open window, select the locally mapped site collection folder that needs to be migrated. Click on Open button. (If the site collection is not mapped yet locally, then map the site to a local drive through 'Map Network Drive' using \\XYZ.com\… if your site is http://XYZ.com/… and then start from step 1 above)

5. The site collection will be loaded to the sharepoint designer. It might take few minutes based on the size of the site collection that is getting loaded.

6. Once the collection is loaded, select the required wiki library to be migrated, from the left pane.

7. From the top panel of menus, select 'Library Settings'.

8. The selected Wiki library will be opened in the tab. Click on the 'Save As Template' menu from top panel of 'List Settings'. It will open up template saving page for the site.

9. In the page, provide the required input and click on 'OK'. NOTE: Check the 'Include Content' check box so that the content of wiki pages are also copied.

10. The template will be created and the success dialog will be open in browser. Click on the 'List template Gallery' link to go to the location where the template is saved.

11. Template is saved in the same sharepoint:

12. Check the required wiki template from the list and click on the 'Download a Copy' link from top menu panel under 'Documents' tab. Save it to the your local system in .STP format.

13. Go to your new SharePoint site and create a new wiki library from the .STP/template saved in previous steps. Go to the 'Site Settings' and click on 'List Templates'.

14. In the new page, click in the 'Files' tab and then 'Upload Document' option on the horizontal top menu panel.

15. Select the .STP file from the previously downloaded location in your local system and click on 'OK'. Click on 'Save' in the next window. It will add the template to the new sharepoint site collection.

16. Go back to the home page of the new site collection and then click on option to add new WIKI library (Add lists, libraries, and other apps)

17. Search for the name of the template uploaded previously and then click on the app found.

18. Give a name to the WIKI library and click on 'Create':

19. Go back to the 'Home' of your site collection and the new wiki library link will be present in the 'Recent' section. Update the link of the 'DEMO WIKI' to any page of the wiki library inside it to load it default when clicked on the 'DEMO WIKI' link.

That's all…
Note: The links those are directly pointing to the previous/old sharepoint site will not get auto updated through this process of migration. Only the links created with '[[]]' quote will get auto updated. Even if your site context changes from previous to new site collection, still changing once in every page will change all links in the same page to right domain provided they were created previously with '[[]]' quote. Other links has to be manually corrected one by one. [Tough Task :)]

Monday, March 14, 2011

Habitat For Humanity: A nice experience of being part of building a house

After doing a number of Anganwadi visits through DELL Youth Connect with the help of Akshara foundation, I got another chance from DYC to have a very different kind of experience in my life. On 11th of March, I got an opportunity to work with the members of "Habitat for Humanity". The work was to help build homes for the poor people. People have already got lands from government long back but as they are so very poor that they are not able to build a single room house in that land.

Let me give a brief about “Habitat for Humanity” (HFH) here. “Habitat for Humanity” picks up really needy people and especially family which are headed by women (not always. They do help all kind of families), where women are the soul bread winner and helps them by building a two room house for them. All the building material, masons, civil engineers and labor are provided by Habitat for Humanity. There are many more activities that this NGO performs.

Now coming to our part, Dell teamed up with HFH to donate labor for their work. The HFH team selected the Hegde Nagar area in Bangalore for the 11th March event. There was around 30+ resources from Dell. The day started with dividing all into 4 teams for 4 different sites. I was part of the team where the site has already a structure built in it. We started by refining the sand and using the refined sand to prepare mortar by mixing with cement and water. There was one civil engineer from HFH who guided us in all the activities. Also, we had a mason who was doing the plastering work for the walls. The mason was not able to understand anything except Kannada but then I now have learnt how to communicate even without knowing the language, thanks to my experience with anganwadi kids. So, till lunch the team was preparing mortars and carrying them to the mason who was plastering the walls. The mason was kind enough to let me do a part of the plastering work as that was not at all an easy job for us. One needs to be really skilled to do that.

Then we broke for lunch and it was a nice experience to sit with the team on a road inside a coconut grove to have the lunch. After lunch, I shifted to a site where the team was digging the land for putting the foundation for the structure. I started with so much of enthusiasm there but then the sun took toll on all of us. It was the toughest job of all on that day. 10 minutes of digging and we used to take rest for next 15 minutes. That made me realize how tough it must be for the daily labors to do their work every day and that too for around 200 rupees a day. We really take a lot of things for granted and even if we see others struggling for their daily bread we never realize how blessed we are for everything we have in our life.

Finally, the day’s work was over around 4pm and we all got back to our home/office. The day was so much tiring but there was a certain kind of satisfaction of being a part of the team which helped building house for someone who needs it badly. HFH guys told us that we might think that we have done very little but such little act of donation makes them possible to build houses for the people who need those. The best part was the gratitude shown by the people for whom we were working there. That made my day. We have more such activities planned for the next 2 months and I am looking forward to those dates eagerly :-)